Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm NOT Religious!

I pray that when others see me, they DON'T see me as religious.   Yes, yes.....I'm a Christian, but I DON'T want to be religious!  Especially after reading this verse this morning in the Bible.

Matthew 27:1 (The Message)
In the first light of dawn, all the high priests and religious leaders met and put the finishing touches on their plot to kill Jesus.

What kind of religion is that?!??!?!  You're a "religious leader" and you're plotting to kill a man.  What?!??!?!

And if you read the complete chapter of Matthew 27 you'll see that the high priests along with the other religious scholars and leaders mocked Jesus while He was dying on the cross.  That really hurts my heart.  Here are the leaders of that day and a man (we know to be God with us) is dying on a cross and they mock him.  They have no compassion.  They don't feel sorry for him, or the family he may be leaving behind.  They basically say, "sock it to him".  Even if He were guilty, and He was not guilty, shouldn't they as leaders be saddened by the situation?

So now do you see why I say, "I'm NOT religious!"  I don't want anyone ever to see me as one that studies God's law and then beats people up with it.  I don't want anyone to ever think I don't have compassion for others. 

So how do we live as Christians and not become religious in the process?    I think the key is LOVE and GRACE.  We have to love unconditionally.  We have to be known by our love for others.  (John 13:35).  We also have to extend grace and mercy to others because of that love.  You know, love covers a multitude of sins.  I know that to be true because my precious little kids have told little white lies to me, talked back to me, disobeyed me and rolled their eyes at me and I still love them.  (-:  Love does cover a multitude of sins.  (1 Peter 4:8)

This week I saw love in action through Chic-fil-a.  They were be persecuted for standing on their faith, and they actually took drinks to those protesting in their parking lots.  Why?  Because it was the right thing to do!  They LOVED on the people that were...that were...well, that were lost.

The next person that asks me if I'm religious I'm going to reply, "NO WAY!", but then I will follow that with, "but I do have a personal relationship with Jesus."  I'm also going to commit to loving those that don't believe like I do.  As a matter of fact, I think I will pray for those people!

Let's all get rid of religion!  Let's not be associated with our faith, but yet let's live it out!

Lord help me!  Lord help me to not be religious.  I want to know your Word, but NOT so I can beat people up with it.  Help me to love better and forgive more.  Help me to have compassion on others.  Help me to point others to You and Your Love.  Your Love is truly amazing.  I mean, You love me and I'm the last person that deserves Your Love.  Thanks for grace and mercy.  - Amen