Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Wouldn't Do That, Or Would I????

You would think I would have learned by now. You would think that I would have no problems with my attitude. I mean, the Lord has taken me through this study on attitudes two times already this year, and now I'm leading a class though it again. I used to think that since I was the leader God was going to use me to teach the other people in the class. Now I clearly realize that God is working on me just as much as He is the others in the class, IF NOT MORE!

So here I find myself studying the attitude of complaining again. Interestingly enough while I was typing this addition to my blog I got a call from my husband. Although I didn't speak it, my mind started complaining. "Why does he call me at this time each day?!?! Doesn't he know that I do Bible study at this time?!! What is wrong with him!?!?!?" And just like that, my complaining attitude shows us. Oh, I didn't have to speak it because God knows my thoughts. God started talking to me at the same time my precious husband was talking. "Didn't you ask me for a godly husband? Doesn't this man love you and aren't you glad he is calling to check in with you? Don't you know a 100 or more women that would love to have a godly husband?"

Yikes. I am a complainer. Lord help me! (And let me pause for a moment from typing this blog and text my husband and apologize!)

Complaining is a sin and God gets tired of us complaining. Numbers 11:1 states "...when He heard them His anger was aroused." I don't know about you, but I don't want to arouse any one's anger, ESPECIALLY GOD'S!!

So, how can I get past this complaining attitude of mine? Well, one thing's for sure, I can't do it on my own. I really need Jesus. I find that if I seek Him, He will guide me. I need to spend more time with Him. I need to think before I speak, and battle my thoughts. I am grateful the Holy Spirit pointed out my complaining and I LISTENED today. I think that's a big key for most of us. it's LISTENING to the Holy Spirit. He's tapping us on our shoulder all the time, but we ignore Him a lot. At least I do.

Lord, please forgive me for being a complainer. Please help me LISTEN to you Lord. I trust you Lord with my life and my attitudes. And please bless my husband today!

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