Monday, February 8, 2010

Contentment- You got it?

Are you a contented person?

Are you seeing the blessings of contentment?

Are you looking forward to eternity?

Are you choosing contentment over covetousness?

These are some of the questions that James MacDonald ended session with at last week's Bible study. Obviously, the topic was going from covetousness to contentment. James also had the following to say:

  • The opposite of covetousness is contentment.
  • Contentment: satisfaction in God's sufficient provision, to rest in what one has and seek nothing more.
  • Godliness + Contentment = GREAT GAIN
  • FAULTY Formulas:
  1. Godliness + Prosperity = great gain NO!
  2. Godliness + Poverty = great gain NO!
  3. Godliness + power = great gain NO!
  4. Godliness + family = great gain NO!
  5. Godliness + Ministry = great gain NO!
  • Check out 1 Timothy 6: 6-10
  • Motivations:
  1. Look to eternity.
  2. Let enough be enough.
  3. Learn by example.
  • Keys to Contentment:
  1. seek it
  2. say it
  3. settle it
  • Money allows you to go places and do things and experience pleasures to sin that someone in poverty will never know.

This was great information for me. I needed to do a self check, and honestly I fall short in this area a lot. But thank God for His grace and mercy and for teaching me!